Great App to Help You Learn to Write Chinese Characters


So you want to learn to write Chinese characters, hey? But you’re not sure where to start or how to do it…

Well, there’s a new app out that will make your life much easier!
It’s called Nommoc. (I think that’s ‘common’ spelt backwards)

What makes this app unique is that it contains the hand-written animations of the 2500 most common chinese characters, all of which were written by a native Chinese person (and the whole lot only costs $0.99!). On the screen beside the animation is a freehand writing area for the learner to write/copy the characters in to.

To learn to write chinese, it is essential to write each character stroke-by-stroke in proper order and proportion and Nommoc helps you do this.

The developers talk about the purpose of this app as being like a pen and paper, with the added interactive element of having all the stroke animations for the most common chinese characters built-in. It’s like having a chinese teacher teach you each character stroke-by-stroke. And being an app on your iOS device that you have with you all the time, it allows you to use those opportunities in your busy day when you’re waiting for people, on public transportation, or just bored at work, to learn Chinese!

Interesting, it’s been developed by western people who have already gone to the trouble of learning chinese, so they would know what is going to make learning this language easier.

You can get more info at the Nommoc website:

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My Amigurumi Teddy Bear

What inspires you to create something new?

Dear friends of mine recently had a baby.  And to celebrate, I wanted to give something unique,
something special, something very ‘me’.

I had a whimsical scene in my mind.  This little girl, barely able to walk, pattering through the house in a linen and lace dress.  The beams of morning light dance on the floor all around her.  She is carrying her favorite teddy.

This teddy is not just a toy to her, it is her friend, the one who gives her comfort when mum is beyond her reach.  This teddy is always with her.

She often holds Teddy by just one arm, or leg.  But Teddy doesn’t mind.  After all, she was once just a ball of yarn in a craft box, but now she means so much more.

And now, let me introduce to you the teddy that my whimsical thoughts inspired me to make.

Her crochet pattern is available here and here.

Happy Crocheting!  🙂


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Free Crochet Pattern – Easy iPhone Sleeve

Here is a sample of some of the iPhone sleeves I have made, to give you a little inspiration. They were all made using my free pattern.  The pattern is very easy, and you can use any yarn you choose.  An experienced crocheter will whip this up in a very short time.  It would also be a great first crochet project for a beginner.
Why not grab some yarn and give it a try.  🙂

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Tiny Amigurumi Cats

I made these as gifts for some friends.  I used a 1.5mm crochet hook and the equivalent sized yarn.  At 2.4cm (or 3cm including tail) these tiny cats were the perfect size for attaching to a mobile/cellphone or key ring.  Although not in the pattern, I also crocheted a length of chain stitches to use as the strap and ran it through the body and secured it at the bottom.

They are so adorably tiny!

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My Amigurumi Koala

This little guy was so much fun to design and make.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Free Crochet Pattern – Tiny Phonestrap Cupcake

This cutey little cupcake is super quick and easy to make.  I made my mini version using a 1.5mm hook and equivalent sized yarn.  My finished cupcake is 15mm tall.  Perfect to attach to your cellphone/mobile phone or keychain. Read the rest of this entry »

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Free Crochet Pattern – Tiny Amigurumi Platypus

I made this adorable little fella using 2 strand crochet cotton (14wraps/cm) and 1.5mm hook.  The finished platypus is 3.8cm tall, and super cute!    I think he will probably end up attached to my mobile phone.  😀

The awesome free pattern is available here on Craftster, courtesy of Beavisfreak.  (You may need to register on Craftster to view the pattern, but that only takes a minute 🙂 ).  The platypus in the photo in her pattern is considerably larger than my little guy.  I did not have any trouble following the pattern exactly to make this tiny, scaled down version though.

Happy Crocheting!  🙂


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