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Great App to Help You Learn to Write Chinese Characters


So you want to learn to write Chinese characters, hey? But you’re not sure where to start or how to do it…

Well, there’s a new app out that will make your life much easier!
It’s called Nommoc. (I think that’s ‘common’ spelt backwards)

What makes this app unique is that it contains the hand-written animations of the 2500 most common chinese characters, all of which were written by a native Chinese person (and the whole lot only costs $0.99!). On the screen beside the animation is a freehand writing area for the learner to write/copy the characters in to.

To learn to write chinese, it is essential to write each character stroke-by-stroke in proper order and proportion and Nommoc helps you do this.

The developers talk about the purpose of this app as being like a pen and paper, with the added interactive element of having all the stroke animations for the most common chinese characters built-in. It’s like having a chinese teacher teach you each character stroke-by-stroke. And being an app on your iOS device that you have with you all the time, it allows you to use those opportunities in your busy day when you’re waiting for people, on public transportation, or just bored at work, to learn Chinese!

Interesting, it’s been developed by western people who have already gone to the trouble of learning chinese, so they would know what is going to make learning this language easier.

You can get more info at the Nommoc website:

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Free Pinyin Table with Audio

Hi guys,

I’ve come across a really useful tool if you’re trying to learn mandarin chinese.

It’s a Pinyin Table complete with native chinese recorded sounds available here.  This is provided free of charge by the good people at ChinesePod.  (While you are over there you can sample a ChinesePod lesson for free and see what you think.)

This Pinyin Table would be especially useful if you are trying to learn how to say the sounds without having a teacher to copy.

I’ve found it helpful when teaching others pinyin, and I hope you find it useful too.  🙂

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Learn Some Basic Survival Chinese Words – with Audio

There comes as point in many people’s lives, when they find themselves staring face to face with the language of China.  Maybe you are planning to travel, and would like to know a few basic words and terms.  Maybe your company is sending you to China to scout out business opportunities.  Or maybe your just adventurous and feel like a new challenge.  🙂  Whatever the reason…we all have to start somewhere.  🙂

Here is some basic survival words you may find useful.

click to hear this said:  slowly or  at native speed
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