Free Crochet Pattern – Tiny Phonestrap Cupcake

This cutey little cupcake is super quick and easy to make.  I made my mini version using a 1.5mm hook and equivalent sized yarn.  My finished cupcake is 15mm tall.  Perfect to attach to your cellphone/mobile phone or keychain. (I don’t know the size of the yarn as I bought it in China, and the label wasn’t very informative.)  Mine is a miniature version of this pattern courtesy of Bittersweetblog.

To make the strap part:
Step 1:  Leave a long tail of yarn, then firmly chain a section long enough so that when the first and last chain stitch is held on the top of the cupcake, the whole cake can easily pass through the big loop, plus a little bit of extra length to be sure.  Leave a long tail on the finishing end and cut the yarn.

Step 2:  Thread both beginning and end tails of yarn on to a needle.  Insert the needle into the starting ring on the top of the cupcake, and run it right through and out the circle in the middle at the bottom.

Step 3:  Anchor the strap by inserting the hook 1 stitch away, and bring the needle back out the bottom circle hole.  Repeat this step once or twice more into different stitches around the circle.  Then insert the needle back into the middle of the cake and out the side, pull tight and cut the yarn as short as you can.  The tail is now buried inside the cake and shouldn’t come loose.

Step 4: Attaching to your phone.  Often the chained strap doesn’t easily fit through the corner of your phone.  What you can do is cut a length of about 20cm of normal cotton or nylon thread, insert one end of your thread through the cupcake strap, and bring the two ends of the cotton thread together.  The cupcake is now hanging from the cotton thread.  Insert both ends of the cotton thread into the corner of your mobile phone (the part designed for a dongle), and gently pull all the cotton and then the cake strap through the phone’s opening.  Slip the cake itself through its own strap and pull firmly.  Your done! 🙂

Happy crocheting 🙂


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